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Ostriv Alpha 1 Patch 3 Hacking Guide: Methods, Tools, and Risks

1. Full-screen map position won't be reset after using the bombsight;2. Text chat layout has been improved;3. In-game chat shows previous messages when the Enter key is pressed;4. Full-screen map transparency can be adjusted in the game options;5. Airfield symbols in multiplayer have been updated;6. Airfield symbols in multiplayer have additional elements showing the enemy threat level near it;7. Threat level and amount of active players won't be shown for enemy airfields;8. Multiplayer statistics screen is only updated when it is opened;9. Multiplayer statistics screen sorts the players basing on the number of points by default;10. Multiplayer statistics screen remembers the selected sorting criteria;11. Secondary targets information on the multiplayer statistics screen has been repositioned ;12. Servers protected by password and/or servers with a bad connection can be hidden in the servers list;13. Frontline with the color specified as 255,255,255 will be displayed with correct colors like (0,0,10) since many created missions and campaigns rely on that;14. Mission target markers have been adjusted for a clearer look while zoomed in;15. Fuel and convergence sliders were made longer for easier use;16. Mapping delete function in the game settings has been restored;17. Ground object markers on the map have been made smaller;18. Engine sound positioning has been improved;19. Radio messages are made clearer;20. Incorrect damage calculation has been fixed (a ricochet from a front lower hull of a tank could kill a driver or a radioman);21. A random bug that could kill the Tiger tank crew after any hit has been fixed;22. KV-1s and Т-34-76 aiming sights won't flicker;23. I-16 aiming sight has been improved like on other aircraft;24. Example multiplayer missions Cooperative_Complex_Example and Dogfight_Complex_Example show how different symbols or lines on the map can be created;

Ostriv Alpha 1 Patch 3 Game Hack Password


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