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[S3E21] Forgiven

Klaus is approached by Hayley but he prefers to be alone. Hayley says Elijah is hurting too but Klaus says Marcel was a son to him. Hayley says she say the visions and that Elijah has always forgiven him.

[S3E21] Forgiven

Meanwhile, Hank and Peggy are at the police station with Cotton, begging him to just admit to the arson, but Bobby bursts in, confessing the truth at last. Hank demands that Bobby confess to the police, but Cotton decides to take the blame anyway, citing that he is already an old man, but Bobby has his entire life ahead of him and doesn't deserve to go to jail or be vilified for his mistake. Hank and Peggy are touched by Cotton's decision and agree to along with it. Cotton ends up getting away with it by declaring that he had in fact lit the matches, but only to hide the smell of his own, age-related digestive issues, and that he made up the other "smelly man" to cover his embarrassment thereover. Reverend Stroup forgives Cotton, and invites all the members of the church to show Cotton their forgiveness with a hug, much to Cotton's barely-concealed revulsion.

Nygma began receiving visits from Oswald, who has since returned to his former self. Oswald had forgiven Nygma for previously casting him out and brings him gifts, one of them which included a sweater to keep Nygma warm in the cold cell. During a particular visit (six months after the Indian Hill incident) Oswald brings him a puzzle box which is said to be advanced to the point that it gets passed down through generations, but Nygma successfully solves it in several seconds. He thanks Oswald for the kind gesture, and makes it clear how sorry he is for how he mistreated him, which Oswald forgives him for. They begin to discuss the resurrected Fish Mooney whom Oswald fears for and ponders why she spared him when she escaped along with Strange's other 'monsters' months previously. Nygma the reminds Oswald that "Penguins eat fish".[39] 041b061a72


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