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Beverly Hills Dentistry, founded in 1983, has been the preferred Cosmetic Dentistry destination for those seeking the most beautiful smile transformations. Located in Beverly Hills, CA only a few blocks away from famous Rodeo Dr., and also serving Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, and the Los Angeles area, we are at the heart of world-class service. Our brand of dentistry is totally customized for you: who you are, what you desire, how you look at the world and how the world looks at you. BOOK APPOINTMENT GalleryMAKEOVER View More FRAWLEY, DDSDR. KEVIN Dr. Kevin Frawley is an exceptional person and professional dedicated to helping his patients create the smile they were meant to have.


Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved. Beverly Hills Dentistry is a dental practice serving Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, and the Los Angeles area, offering cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sleep apnea treatment, and more. Sitemap.

Dr. Goodman is a phenomenal dentist and his work is amazing! He is always very professional and has a great chairside manner. He makes jokes with his patients to make sure they are comfortable and it's always a great experience at the office. Dr. Goodman has saved many of my teeth and I recommend him to everyone!

I had the pleasure of going to Dr. Joseph Goodman to get my veneers done. I must say he is truly the best of the best. At my original appointment I told him about a tooth that was really bothering me and after his examination and X-rays he said I had a severe abscess to that tooth and gum area which required antibiotic treatment and oral surgery before I could get the veneers put on. Dr. Goodman did everything, oral surgery, antibiotics, cleaning and veneers. He truly loves his work and his office staff was amazing. Dr. Goodman will even give you his cell phone number and encourages you to call if there are any problems. He sent me multiple messages after all my procedures to make sure everything was ok. The customer service was phenomenal. I have been to many dentists over the years and none of them compare to Dr. Goodman. He is truly a master of his craft! Mark Sanders, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I have been coming here for several years with my two grown daughters and we love it! I have had lots of things done and I couldn't be any happier. Once you find a dentist you love you keep him. Dr. Goodman is the solver to any problem we've had. I drive 1.5 to 2 hours in traffic just to keep our teeth healthy and beautiful. It's worth it!

I've been seeing Dr Goodman since 2013 when I moved to LA. He is fairly priced, extremely detailed and an expert in veneers and cosmetic dentistry. I had 8 veneers, top teeth put in in 2016 and they are completely natural looking and going strong. No cracking or wear and tear. He has an excellent hygienist who gives thorough routine cleanings. I can't recommend him and his office highly enough.

Dr. Goodman is absolutely amazing, me and my family have been going to him for years and got the best results every single time. He is extremely knowledgeable, highly professional, detailed oriented and very experienced. Best dentist out there, highly recommended.

Can not ask for a better, more ethical and honest dentist. Have been going to Dr Goodman for years and also my daughter. Excellent dental care, super clean office, great general dentist and my daughter veneers look very natural.She gets compliments every time she is in public. I always tell people they are her real teeth and she gets compliments almost daily.So unreal how nice veneers look

Dr. Goodman is the best dentist I have ever been to. His knowledge and sense of high quality care makes all the difference. I have had a lot of dental work with him. All of it has been necessary and I am thankful that he was the one to perform it. I literary get compliments on my teeth several times weekly! Also I have never posted a review before but Dr. Goodman is worth it. I recommend him highly. I drive from Tarzana and I would never use another dentist.

He extracted several teeth that were not able to be fixed. What is funny about this story is when I was on my way home I called my daughter. My daughter just came from her own dentist. She was just saying how she had her teeth pulled and she was unable to do anything because she was in so much pain and she would have to stay home that day. As I was driving home I was telling her the story how I had my teeth pulled and I felt so good, I could just go back to work the same day. That's how pain free the experience was. More important than that, he fixed my smile so I can finally smile again with porcelain veneers and invisalgn.What a blessing to have met him.

DR. Joseph Goldman does great work. It was painless and the price is right.I am with him since 2018 and every experience is good. I highly recommend Dr. Goodman to everyone, he is super nice and super accommodating. Did my veneers with him and also my general dentistry. His hygienist is awesome

I commute from Pacific Palisades to Beverly hills three times a year to get my cleaning and check-up. Dr. Kim has tiny hands and does an excellent job of cleaning. Dr. Goodman is super smart and kind to my teeth. He may be a famous TV dentist that lives up to his fame where it matters most in the dental chair. If you love your teeth, you will love Dr. Goodman's dental he has excellent staff and prices are reasonable for a superior dentist.

Professional and nice, one of the best!Excellent work, great office and such nice stuff.All adding to one of the best experiences I had with a Doctor.I trust him with anything he does and the results are always very good.Highly recommended! most importantly as a top dentist and also for the pleasant personality and professional office visit.No hesitation just go and see what it means to visit a real knowledgeable and professional Doctor.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Goodman are great dentists! If I have any concerns, Dr. Kim is often able to handle them when I come in for my cleaning so there is no need for a second visit. It is a huge time saver. This dental office staff is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The entire place is super clean with lots of light and minimalist decor, so it feels pleasant and comfortable. I have been going here for 9 years and even pick my dental insurance plans around getting coverage at this office.

What an experience! Dr Joseph Goodman has the best dentistry hands down in Beverley Hills. I had over the years amazing care and follow ups! If you want the best Dentist - go and see Dr Joseph Goodman!! Thank YOU for the best experience!!

Many experiences in my life had led me to believe that dentists always exaggerate or even make up dental problems upon examination so they can charge you an arm and a leg to "fix" your teeth. I began to expect it every time, until i drove out of my way to see Dr. Goodnan after hearing great things from a close friend because i was experiencing pain in a few areas of my mouth. FINALLY an honest, kind dentist that exposed many of the lies i had been told from previous dentists. Without me having to point them out, he identified the specific issue with each area of pain that i was experiencing and NO EXTRA BS. When i got the bill after service, I was surprised to see very reasonable prices from a dentist in Beverly Hills! If you are looking for a dentist, look no more. Dr. Goodman is your go-to guy.

Dr. Goodman is a wonderful dentist and his work is great! He is very professional and is an expert in his work. His work is very detailed and he is extremely accommodating to each patient. He makes jokes to make his patients feel comfortable and has a great chairside manner. Thank you Dr. Goodman!!

Dr. Goodman and his staff are amazing! I recently had veneers done and sadly, they were the wrong color and shape and naturally, I was very disappointed. I interviewed five highly rated cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles and Dr. Goodman was my last interview, and I am so grateful that I persisted and found him! He is the absolute best of the best. My veneers are absolutely beautiful and I constantly get compliments.

Dr. Goodman is the absolute best. He was recommended to me by a friend and I fly from NYC to Los Angeles to get all my dental work done from him. His office is absolutely gorgeous in the best location of Beverly Hills, his staff (especially Erica) is super friendly and Dr Goodman is not only the most competent but also most caring dentist I've ever had. He called me up to check in with me after my last dental procedure, and I know that I can always reach him on his cell if there's ever an emergency. That's the kind of care and service that I look for in my dentist. I wished more doctors are like him. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Dr. Goodman has been my dentist since 2006 and I love him. We have been through a lot together with my mouth and after the first 3 years of extensive work -- now I only have to go in for my 2x/yr check ups and my teeth are beautiful. The staff is always friendly and the receptionist has been there for as long as I have. Even the receptionist knows who I am. Prior to Dr. Goodman I had never had a quality dentist. Thank you Dr. G for all your hard work and support :) -- PS. Now my whole family and friends go to see Dr. Goodman and the kids even love him.

I've been seeing Dr. Goodman for ten years now, and I could not recommend him enough. He's a phenomenal dentist and his entire staff is so professional and kind. They are always on time, send reminders for appointments and make you feel very comfortable while there. They provide expert care.

Dr. goodman is the best dentist I've ever had. It's always a great experience. I highly recommend him. My wife and I have been going to Dr. Goodman for 13 years. We sit in serious traffic just to see Dr. Goodman. She goes for maintenance and cosmetic, for me it's my teeth only. Her teeth look amazing. Mine still look great, even though I refuse to give up coffee despite Dr.Goodmans highly recommended suggestion. 041b061a72


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