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Where Can I Buy Our Generation Dolls

Many of the dolls are reasonably priced at $24.99 only at Target and some a little higher because of different accessories or outfits. Our Generation dolls make very affordable gifts and accessories you can order online or pick up in Target stores.

where can i buy our generation dolls

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My girls love the Our Generation dolls and accessories. They each have an American Girl doll and an OUr Generation doll. WE tend to buy them the accessories of the Our Generation because they cost less and they have just as much fun with them. Recently we found that Walmart now has a similar line but we have tried their stuff yet

Thanks for sharing this! My lo and my nieces have been really into playing with dolls the past year. They each have an AG doll and an OG doll. I get them the OG accessories all the time! They are great quality and the price is unbeatable! ?

The Our Generation doll body is full cloth with high quality plastic arms and legs. The plastic is firm. The head is attached with what feels like an internal cable tie. The dolls holds a pose well; limbs are tight. There is an OG tag on side of doll.

I'm Brandy. Join me in my passion of crafting. In the "Doll Room" I'll show you doll crafts and reviews. We will craft up some fun in "Kids Corner" with kid and family crafts and activities. "From the Kitchen," I'll share tasty recipes. "The Cozy Hole" is where I will share crafts that have to do everything else HOME. And "Just Because" a place for me to share things that I like or find interesting. Craft on!

When I was 9 years old Santa brought me Molly. I had recently been put in glasses so it was fun to have a doll that looked like me. I loved her (and still do!) so so much. I still have her and pull her out every once in a while for my girls to play with. These dolls stand the test of time and I love that they have a historical background to them.

The biggest difference between the American Girl Doll brand and Our Generation brand is the price. Our Generation dolls are on average 1/4 of the price as American Girl dolls. That is a significant difference! You are definitely paying for the name when shopping American Girl. It does however hold its value a little more because of the brand name.

The Our Generation range of toys and dolls brings a contemporary feel to traditional dolls. They're created in sturdy, easy-to-handle designs that are perfect for little hands, and come ready-dressed in stylish outfits that are easy to swap out. Young animal lovers will adore pet or pony-themed options, while budding medics can role-play their future career with a doctor or nurse doll. And with an assortment of hair types and skin tones to choose from, every youngster can see themselves represented in their new toy.

Our Generation sets and accessories are completely interchangeable across all dolls in the range, so it's easy for youngsters to grow their collection. Budding fashionistas will love putting together cool ensembles from a fab assortment of outfits, while fully stocked kitchen sets are ideal for small-world imaginative play. Or their new dolly can take a road trip or holiday, with camping and transport-themed sets. And with figures that can stand on their own, plus poseable arms and legs, your kids can bring their imaginary world to life.

For a child, a doll can be a playmate, an adventure partner, someone to take care of, and a friend when life gets hard or scary. A doll can also invite a kid to celebrate their own identity, explore those of others, and see their wants and needs reflected back to them in instructive and meaningful ways. And experts are zeroing in on another developmental benefit of dolls: their ability to increase empathy.

During our testing, we observed that many toddlers show interest in dolls representing children who are around their same age, or younger, especially when they can see some of their own needs (a bottle, diaper, blankie) reflected back to them.

Compared with cheaper dolls we tested (like the Our Generation dolls), the Ikuzi dolls feel notably high in quality, with hand-molded heads and sturdy bodies and limbs. Add party-worthy outfits, and they feel almost like collectibles. The Ikuzi doll we tested arrived with a head of shiny, bouncy waves, which I immediately felt compelled to stroke, comb, and style into a topknot. Each doll comes in a dress that pairs white tulle or cotton eyelet with a vibrant print inspired by African textiles (the outfits come in kid-size versions, too), as well as beautiful metallic Mary Jane slippers. Additional doll outfits include knit sundresses and leggings sets that would look at home in a Hanna Andersson catalog.

Why we like it: American Girl has been a well-known name in the doll world for some four decades, starting with the small line of historically themed dolls the company introduced in 1986. Nowadays, American Girl has a much wider, more diverse, and more inclusive slate of dolls, including its Truly Me line, which is designed to represent contemporary kids.

Ready to have your mind boggled? The American Girl book and doll series has been around since 1986, which means that the girls who grew up with Felicity, Addy, Kirsten, and the other original crew are now buying those dolls for their own daughters. But now as then, it can be a challenge to resist going overboard buying not only the dolls, but also all the trimmings that go along with them. The good news: You can get inexpensive clothes and accessories that fit American Girl dolls, so your child and your wallet will be happy at the end of the day.

Thirty-plus years ago, there were only a handful of American Girl characters, each representing a particular period in history (Felicity for the American Revolution; Molly for World War II; Kit for the Depression era, etc.). Today, the collection has expanded to include such newcomers as Melody, a 1960s African American girl living the events of the civil rights movement. The collection also includes annual limited-edition dolls, like this year's Luciana, a science-minded aspiring astronaut.

Knowing this, you can shop for budget-minded clothes that are designed for these larger-sized dolls, such as the Our Generation doll line available at Target and online. Like AG, the brand is targeted at elementary and tween girls, with a positive message of celebrating individuality and encouraging ambitions. The wide variety of Our Generation dolls includes twin sisters Sabina, a promising artist, Sia, a scientist in the making, and Laura, who, like AG Luciana, has set her sights on space exploration.

The majority of the OG dolls are 18 inches tall, so their clothes will fit any regular-sized American Girl doll like Kaya, Julie, or Gabriela. And these outfits and their price tags are equally irresistible. Not that the American Girl clothes and accessories aren't adorable, but at this time of year, when we have lots of folks to shop for, it pays to be a little money-savvy. 041b061a72


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