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Is Today A Good Day To Buy A Car |BEST|

Looking for a good time for vehicle Pooja today? Or finding the best day to purchase a car or bike? Check out the post and know about the auspicious days for vehicle purchase. In this post, we have listed all the 2023 Vehicle Purchase Shubh Muhurat/ 2023 Bike purchase Muhurat/ 2023 car purchase Muhurat. Take a look!

is today a good day to buy a car

That was more than double the average factory wage at that time, and for U.S. workers it was one of the defining moments of the 20th century. Five dollars in 1914 translates to roughly $120 in today's money. While many economists say today's employers could take some pointers from Ford, they also say 2014 is a totally different world for U.S. businesses and workers.

So a century after Henry Ford started paying $5 a day, it's not at all clear that today's employers and workers can reach a similar bargain and reboot a 21st century version of the working middle class.

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