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The United States, Mexico, and Canada reached an agreement to modernize the 25-year-old NAFTA into a 21st century, high-standard agreement. The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) supports mutually beneficial trade leading to freer markets, fairer trade, and robust economic growth in North America.

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K. Sokal and P. Sokal drew blood samples from 6 male and 6 female adults with no history of thyroid disease. A single night of grounding produced a significant decrease of free tri-iodothyronine and an increase of free thyroxin and thyroid-stimulating hormone. The meaning of these results is unclear but suggests an earthing influence on hepatic, hypothalamus, and pituitary relationships with thyroid function. Ober et al. [12] have observed that many individuals on thyroid medication reported symptoms of hyperthyroid, such as heart palpitations, after starting grounding. Such symptoms typically vanish after medication is adjusted downward under medical supervision. Through a series of feedback regulations, thyroid hormones affect almost every physiological process in the body, including growth and development, metabolism, body temperature, and heart rate. Clearly, further study of earthing effects on thyroid function is needed.

Reduction in inflammation as a result of earthing has been documented with infrared medical imaging [28] and with measurements of blood chemistry and white blood cell counts [21]. The logical explanation for the anti-inflammatory effects is that grounding the body allows negatively charged antioxidant electrons from the Earth to enter the body and neutralize positively charged free radicals at sites of inflammation [28]. Flow of electrons from the Earth to the body has been documented [15].

Producto fabricado para ayudar a disminuir la resistividad de los suelos para los sistemas de puesta a tierra, compuesto principalmente por minerales no metálicos. Ayuda a los suelos a obtener los minerales que le faltan o perdieron con el tiempo, para lograr obtener valores muy bajos de resistencia.

Con todos nuestros productos y servicios, una gama ampliada con muchas mejoras e incorporaciones en la protección y prevención contra el rayo. Con una estructura optimizada para facilitar su búsqueda y con toda la información técnica que necesitas. Pararrayos, sistemas de protección externa, toma de tierra, sobretensiones y prevención del rayo.

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