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More 1520 Leaks, Shows Off Its Ginormous Size

Now, 7mm may not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things, but I've reviewed enough devices to know that holding and carrying a 78mm-wide smartphone is just about practical, while 85mm is beyond the pale. It was for the Google Nexus 6, for example, which I tried living with for a week, and the 1520 is a full 2mm wider. In fact, when using the Lumia 1520 full-time, as an experiment, I kept losing the phone. What was happening was that the 1520 was too big for any of my pockets, comfortable, so I put it down beside me wherever I went - and then forgot to pick it up more than I'd like to admit.

More 1520 leaks, Shows Off its Ginormous Size

Then there's faster. The Snapdragon 810 chipset benchmarks around twice as fast as the Snapdragon 800 in the Lumia 1520, though the two banks of processor cores do in theory mean that it can be twice as fast when it needs to be and more power efficient the rest of the time. Add in the 3GB of RAM (compared to 2GB on the 1520) and it's clear that the Lumia 950 XL is going to fly. We know that Windows Phone was very efficient on more lowly processors and with lower amounts of RAM, and indeed my own tests show that Windows 10 Mobile runs quite acceptably on even the most lowly hardware - but if you're in the market for a 950 XL then you don't want 'acceptably', you want applications to open in a flash and for the interface to never present you with 'resuming...' Here, a factor of at least two (and possibly more) is a big deal, especially on the more 'professional' use cases, such as Edge (web) browsing and Office document handling.

The sensor's slightly bigger too, at 1/2.4", but far more significant is the wider aperture, i.e. the physically larger and more advanced optics, at f/1.9 (compared to the 1520's f/2.4), letting in almost twice as much light, meaning that all shots can be less noisy and that, in challenging light environments, the electronic shutter only needs to be open for half as long, so there's less motion blur from human subjects. At least that's the theory! OIS is still present, claimed to be 'fifth generation', despite the larger optical stack.

Add to these imaging improvements that the extra processing power from the main chipset enables faster shot to shot times and also more seamless burst mode and bracketed shot modes, including dual exposure intelligence in low light situations (blending short and long exposures) and yes, it seems that the camera in the 950 XL is another major plus point over its two year old ancestor. The 1520 already has some of the software features and may inherit more as when Windows 10 Mobile hits for real, but it'll all work better on the newer phone.

The display's an interesting point, since 'pentile' 1440p (QHD) is arguably equivalent to RGB 1080p on the Lumia 1520, i.e. you get a higher nominal resolution, but you don't get a full complement of red, green and blue pixels on each row/colomn in the display, so it all works out about the same in terms of perceived sharpness. The 1520 is usually reckoned to have one of the best phone displays ever created in all light conditions, but the 950 XL seems to have it equalled, albeit with the slight decrease in overall size already mentioned.

Finally, the Continuum compatibility for the Lumia 950 XL means connection through to an optional big screened monitor, keyboard and mouse, making the smartphone more of a hub for all your communications and activities. I'm also a little sceptical about this technology - not because it doesn't work, but because there are relatively few use cases which make sense. But still, it's another useful future-facing string to the Lumia 950 XL's bow - in contrast, the Lumia 1520 is limited to connection to a Bluetooth keyboard only, which is useful once you've propped the phone up on a kickstand, though that's it - you can't even connect a mouse (yet) and the interface is in many places limited to 'portrait'.

However, you can't ignore the physical. Those 7mm missing from the width of the phone, in taking the screen size down just 0.3" (and yes, I know I'm mixing my units, but screen size continues to be measured imperially!), are hugely significant and make all the difference between 'way too large' and 'useable'. And, for that reason alone, you should consider the 950 XL - if you already own the 1520 it'll be a breath of fresh air in terms of portability!

It does suffer a little from the same issue as the Lumia 1520: a somewhat inconsistent approach to using the high-resolution screen. Some of the 1520's issues are slightly reversed here: where the 1520 made some screen elements very big, the Icon occasionally makes them a little too small. The good news here is that the future will be better: leaked details from the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK show that Microsoft is changing the way it handles the screen resolution in apps, enabling them to better handle the range of resolutions and physical screen sizes available. The 8.1 update is expected in April.

All in all, I liked the Icon a lot. It ties the 1520 for being the best specced Windows Phone, and for me, the 5-inch screen feels a lot more comfortable, a lot more appropriate, than the enormous display on the 1520. It doesn't advance the state of the art of Windows Phones, but it's not really any worse off either. It's fast and comfortable, and if you're on Verizon, this is the Windows Phone to get.

Faceseal leakage is a major pathway for aerosol transport inside the filtering device.(,) The SMs are not designed to provide a good fitting on a human face that may allow more aerosol leakage. However, SMs were found to be as effective as N95 FFRs against aerosol particles similar to the size of infectious aerosols.(,,) In one study, the transmission of influenza during routine health care activities by hospital nurses using N95 FFRs and SMs was assessed.() These authors showed that SMs were equally effective in preventing influenza virus transmission among health care workers. A similar conclusion was obtained in other studies.(,) However, the performance of N95 FFRs may be higher where considerable aerosol generation can occur during procedures such as intubation or bronchoscopy.() Other factors, including training and consistency in the use of the device and concentration of aerosol exposure, can also influence the overall effectiveness of protective devices.

Note that Memcheck found three leaks, which it reports as one loss record because they have identical backtraces. By default, it requires the whole backtrace to be the same in order to consider leaks similar enough to report together. If you want Memcheck to combine more leaks, you can use --leak-resolution=low or --leak-resolution=med to group leaks that have only two or four backtrace entries in common. This is useful if Memcheck reports lots of leaks with slightly different backtraces that you suspect are probably the same issue. You can then concentrate on the record with the highest number of bytes (or blocks) lost.

Now that I have the size of the 1520 I can easily compare it to other devices and objects. In the photo above you can see the size compared to a credit card, Lumia 920, Galaxy Note 2, a pencil, and Nexus 7. How does the size look to you? Too big or just right?

In version 2.6, LeakCanary added detection of root views retained after View.onDetachedFromWindow(). This helps find more leaks, but unfortunately some Android widgets keep a detached root view around to reattach it later (e.g. spinner). App developers also sometimes do the same with dialogs, keeping a single instance around and calling show() and hide() as needed. As a result, LeakCanary would report leaks that were actually not leaks.

jcmd GC.class_stats provides much more detailed information about the size of loaded classes, enabling us see the space occupied by each class in the Metaspace, as shown in the following sample output.

There is no permit required for a temporary banner in front of your business as long as the advertisement is no more than 16 square feet in total size; represents the business in which it is displayed in front of, and it is displayed for no more than 14 days.

Accessory structures over a certain size do require a building permit. All accessory structures require completing and filing the accessory structure questionnaire so we can determine the placement and location is compliant with City Ordinances and does not obstruct easements. Please visit our webpage about accessory structures to learn more about the requirements.

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