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driving to the gym and working out alone is hard, but being surrounded by others and feeling judged, could be uncomfortable

46 year old woman, a little over weighted surrounded by people  feeling judged in a group

Don't be held back. you were designed for more!

save time and take control of your life with the online and live MINI trampoline sessions! ONLY WITH JUMP AND JOY FIT

  • Enhance your mood

  • Get the body you always wanted

  • Express yourself

  • Save time

  • Get motivated

  • Feel great about how you look

  • Safe for your joints

  • enhance your core

  • improve your balance

  • activate your lymphatic system

  • improve your bone system

  • improve your muscle mass

  • increase your endurance

how it works

1. buy the
2. Connect to
the session
Zoom connect.png
3. enjoy the class

what our clients say

"Amazing fitness coach"
Her exercise regime and nutrition advice has helped me achieve my goals. She is very helpful, committed, and willing to respond to any questions after hours. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to commit to a healthier lifestyle!

-Taheera Ali. Verified Google customer
"Highly recommended"
I joined Z Zone six weeks after giving birth to my second child. My goal was to tone the muscles specially around belly area. The first thing that attracted me was the short duration of the workout and the intensity of it. I really started to see results a few weeks after joining and the instructors are not only very knowledgeable but very supportive and encouraging. 

-Monica K. . Verified Google customer
"Encouraging environment"
A fantastic place to get the best version of yourself. They offer very original and different classes, making a difference from those big training clubs. This is a family, respectful and encouraging environment.

Silvia Brandt. Verified Google customer

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